Facebook SCAMPER-ing

Who doesn’t has a Facebook account? This worldwide social network is having a great numbers of world wild signed-up members. As you know, the Genius man behind this, Zack Zuckersberg, has a very pure will in providing the best not-annoyed-by-the-ADS social networks for you guys. Even though Facebook is becoming the fast growing company and had multiplied their capital, some people might think that Facebook hasn’t get their perfect business model to maximize their revenues.

Currently, FaceBook has three methods of producing revenue: i) local text ads (from the college and local businesses), running at $15-20 per day, ii) traditional banner ads, sold on a national basis, iii) sponsored groups – examples included Apple, EA, etc., by Michael Arrington (2005). We’ll try to find another amazing business model by using SCAMPER Technique


Curriculum Vitae (CVs) + People Database + Crime Record 


BPS (Biro Pusat Statistik)  + Social Network


CODIS search for crime database, implement for limited advance search in Facebook features


Exciting and fancy ways to keep everything’s connected and save for world security

Put to Others

Crime Scenes Lab activity; When police extracting Vic’s evidence from fingerprint and alibi, it would be accessed from facebook special features.

Employee Recruitment; Fake CVs and experiences wouldn’t be happen here, because every time the member updates their academic background or working experience, the related institution or company would confirm it on Facebook. Recruiting would as easy as clicking.


Jobsdb.com, Jobs.experd, CODIS system


Social Network = Professional


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